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9 Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

9 Advantages of Digital Marketing Over

Traditional Marketing

Thinking of a unique idea and starting a new business is not enough. If one wants to excel in their business they need a proper marketing strategy. The traditional ways of advertising such as printed flyers, ads in the newspaper, posters, and tv commercials were the best ways to influence your target customer in the old times. However, these methods are not enough in the modern market since it has now shifted to digitalization.

Below are listed some Advantages of why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing

1. Digitalization

Almost everyone today is addicted to their mobile phones. We check our mobile phones several times a day. We are completely reliant on the internet and use it to stay fit, connect with our friends and family, order our meals, learn new hobbies and so on. The most important thing about marketing is that you need to be present where your customers are and it seems they are all online.

2. High Returns On Low Investments

Digital marketing is undoubtedly less expensive as compared to traditional marketing strategies and thus very useful for start-up companies since they usually have a low budget. A few simple strategies such as email marketing if used effectively can help return a large amount on your investment bring in hundreds of customers. Moreover, this form of marketing doesn’t use paper thus it is more eco-friendly.

3. Affordability

One More Advantages of Digital marketing is considerably more affordable than other marketing methods. Therefore it is suitable for even those companies that don’t have high budgets. 40% of companies claimed to get considerable savings by using digital marketing methods of promotion of their products and services.

4. Flexibility

In the traditional advertising methods, one can decide the medium they want to use to promote themselves. They could choose from various options such as tv or radio and so on. However, these ways of advertising are not easy to change. Therefore in case, a particular strategy does not work well it becomes rather inconvenient. Digital marketing, on the other hand, allows us to target the exact audience we wish to get in front of. Since most forms of online marketing are videos, posts, and so on, it is easy to change them and make sure they resonate with the desired audience.

5. Brand Reputation

With the extensive availability of information, consumers are capable of evaluating information and purchase the best option. Therefore we require to benchmark and oversee the best and modern ways of consuming. So it’s very important to ensure active online presence and make available the needed content to build a brand reputation.

6. Availability

One More Advantages of Digital marketing involves the use of a website. The website is available for the customers 24/7 even when you and your team stop working. This gives an impression of 24/7 availability. This increases trust in the brand. The availability of products all around the clock makes it more convenient for the customers.

7. Easy to share

Most digital marketing channels feature sharing capabilities that allow campaigns and articles to be shared with multiple followers. This helps to create a multiplier effect and can tremendously improve sales results.

8. Precise targeting

Unlike traditional marketing that followed the spray and prays method hoping that a few people would love what they see in the ads and make a positive approach, digital marketing follows precise targeting. Digital marketing makes sure that ads are presented to customers on their preferences or previous search and actions.

9. High Conversions

Digital marketing makes it possible to reach out to potential students on platforms other than social media, it has access to a wider range of platforms such as emails, native ads, search engines, mobile apps, and banner ads. This, in turn, influences conversion rates. It does not matter where the student is using the internet on the globe.


The traditional methods of advertising are no longer enough to attract customers or to build a brand name. Digital marketing, on the other hand, provides a larger scope, is more affordable, convenient, expandable, and brings into play a much larger customer base. In conclusion, digital marketing has become essential for the fashion industry to grow. If you have any query related to Digital Marketing Services then you can contact us at:
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By Gagan Virpal

Gagan Virpal is a digital marketing expert and content writer at Up2Mark Technologies. She has more than Two years of experience in the field of online marketing and content writing. Gagan is passionate about creating high-quality, engaging content that helps businesses achieve their marketing goals.

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