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Different Methods Of Digital Advertisement


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As we know, India is growing rapidly is the digital sector. In today’s world, everything is moving so fast, quickly and rapidly. We have seen in the last decade, Digital Advertising has taken over the marketing industry. Digital advertising is the process of publishing promotional material through online platforms such as social media, websites, SE (Search Engines), and any other program that can be used digitally.
Also nowadays every business needs an online presence to grow or to expand their business. We can easily reach to the audience with the help of online presence. So talking about digital advertising, it is very helpful for every business and enables you to quickly, easily, and efficiently reach your target public. To make your small business reach each and everyone, you need to create an advertisement to describe your product.
There are many methods of digital advertisement such as:-

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is most important dependable types of digital advertising because it’s based on keywords that users are already looking for. It is mainly divided into its two subtypes that are pay per click (PPC), and search engine optimization (SEO). PPC campaigns and ads allow businesses to pop up as the first or last several results on the first page. But in case of SEO, it takes a lot of time and requires proper strategy to get onto the first page. The most searches platform for SEM are Google and Bing. More than 90% of online users will end their search on the first page, even though search engines show thousands of results for a single search. So it requires a complete strategy to make sure that your advertisement will end up on the first page.

2. Video Ads

It is the easiest way of advertising as you simply need to record a video explaining your product and upload it on trending social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Video is something that is very common among the youth nowadays. Video ads show up every single time when you are watching any video on Youtube or at any other platform. Today’s generation get very influenced by these ads. The main part of the video ads is creating a good video that looks attractive, appealing to the viewers. The content in the video should speak itself for the brand, very good quality music and sound. It takes time to make a good video ad but at the same time it is very effective.

3. Display Ads

Display advertising is the most basic form of digital ads as it mainly comprised of images and text. They are typically very affordable and simple to implement. Like other ads, they don’t show up on the search page. They usually show up as banners, popups, and mostly on blogs. As these ads are very much affordable so they can usually be seen by a lot of people. As there is no competition involved like in SEM, so many ads like games, events, clothes etc may popup on the same website.

4. Native Advertising

Native advertising is very similar to that of display ads but it requires strategies and unique ideas to target audience. Social media sites or other web pages display native ads and they don’t look like other typical ads. Native advertising is the least prominent to users because what they are seeing is most likely relevant to them. Most of the users find native ads to be helpful because they are so relevant. Native ads will be marked as sponsored by the website or platform. Native Advertising have four subtypes: in-feed, search, suggested widgets, and promoted listings. Native advertising is usually based on audience online habits and will show ads that may be relevant to them.
5. Social Media
So the new generation is all about social media and its platforms. Everyone is using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. for entertainment, business purposes. So it becomes very easy to target audiences using social media. It is a very common thing to see a display, native, and video ads on social media platforms. Also a lot of Influences on social media can promote your product in their stories, posts, etc. Paid ads on social media are very helpful in endorsing your brand and helps to receive feedback on your business.
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