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How to optimize your local SEO

With Google My Business?

Your Google My Business listing will allow you to conquer world and Optimize your local SEO. Well, might be not THE world, but your world, narrowly. Thank you to Google’s, Optimize local SEO, people who search for you will finally know that you exist and how they can locate you from Google Maps.
Imagine you need a plumber, a lawyer, you are looking for a gym, or even an SEO agency. You do a search on Google and the search engine “concludes” that you want to contact someone. In an insert reserved for Google My Business listings, it displays the best locally referenced professionals:
Local SEO provide you to Fast Find: How to optimize your local SEO ?
  • The professionals closest to you, if you do not enter a specific location and your geolocation is activated;
  • The best-referenced professionals on Google My Business in the geographical area that interests you, if you target your search locally.
  • What do we do better than anyone else in the market?
When you have completed your profile, your customers will in turn be able to find your business.
This insert is placed before the first natural results on Google, it is a significant positioning that is offered to you!
Another advantage: Google Maps will be able to geolocate you. Your potential customers will know exactly where to find you, and will be able to find their route.
A recent study found that over 60% of internet users now access the web through their mobile devices, so it’s important to have a strong presence on mobile platforms. React Native is a famous framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps. It permits you to once write a code and deploy it to Android as well as IOS devices. If you’re not familiar with React Native, don’t worry! We will help.
In addition to increased visibility, your customers are better targeted and will therefore be better qualified! Finally, you can feed your Google My Business listing with photos, videos, but also communicate about your news and collect opinions. All these reassurance elements also increase the confidence that your potential customers can have.

What are its main features?

Thanks to your Google pro account (the “pro” is very important. It is only a question of creating an account that you will only use for your professional activity), you will be able to create a profile and start conquering “your” world !
Google will start by asking you a few simple questions. It will ask you for example the name of your establishment, a telephone number or if you have a room where your customers can go. If not, don’t panic, you won’t be penalized.
Your answers will affect both the validation of your file and the visibility of your company on the Google Maps insert. Then fill in the area you are working on. Like, if you are working in a law firm, maybe you want to target people in your department, region, or nearby area.

The posts, because you have things to write

They also help to increase your visibility. Exactly like your blog or website articles would. You can use them to announce promotions.
If you have a blog where you regularly post articles, you can share them on your Google My Business listing.

The call to action button, because you're still here to work!

It would be a shame to have done all that work and forget to give your customers a way to act! There are four different buttons:
  1. Learn more
  2. Register
  3. To book
  4. To buy
Place just one, which you will choose according to your activity or the action you want your audience to perform. For all those who have premises (store, practice, offices, etc.) where customers/patients can go, Google offers the simplest route to Internet users.
How to optimize your results on Google My Business?
After a few times of putting your file online, you will be able to consult the statistics and discover your performance. To do this, log in to your Google My Business account.
In the description part, you are more free. You have 750 characters to best describe your activity, your establishment and anything you think is relevant to discuss. Use more space as possible and include many key phrases.
Your customer reviews can also help you move up in Google My Business rankings. With a certain semantic field, your customers will probably use keywords that will help you rank better. For each opinion, you can provide an answer. Do your answers also matter because you master the words you use and therefore use important keywords for your business. In addition, if Google notices that you take the trouble to respond to your customers, it will be nicer to you!
How to see and analyze the results obtained?
After a few times of putting your file online, you will be able to consult the statistics and discover your performance. To do this, log in to your Google My Business account.
In your dashboard:
  • Click Manage Address or click the blue icon that appears next to your address (depending on your chosen display mode).
  • Click on Statistics
You will have access to several data:
  • Number of views of your listing;
  • Number of times your listing came up in search results
  • Number of times people have opened your posts
  • Number of impressions of your photos
  • Number of clicks to get to your site
  • Number of clicks to display the route to get to your premises
  • Number of clicks on your phone number.
You will also be able to know which keywords allowed your visitors to find your listing. You will find the ranking of unique users who performed a search.
This feature will help you improve your local SEO on Google My Business.
If creating a Google My Business listing seems long or complex, know that it is an important factor for your local SEO. It is essential to inspire confidence in your potential future customers, and your listing can clearly help you do this. If you have any query related to SEO Services then you can contact us at:
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