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React Native Training in Ludhiana with 100% Job Placement

React Native Training in Ludhiana with 100% Job Placement is available to anyone looking for a career in mobile app development. React Native is a JavaScript framework which helps developers in creating apps for iOS and Android phones. The course aims to teach you the skills needed to learn React Native and build apps using this library.The training course is offered by Up2Mark Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
React Native Training in Ludhiana with 100% Job Placement. We offer Certificates of Completion Training and 6 months Job Experience. Our Certificates of Completion Training will teach you all the basics of React Native. Our Job Experience course is perfect for those who have some experience in web development but want to learn more about React Native.

Why Learn React Native from Up2Mark Technologies?

Up2Mark Technologies is the best place to learn React Native. We have experts who can teach you everything you need to know about React Native, so you can start building amazing apps right away.
React Native is a powerful app development platform that lets you create mobile apps using JavaScript. React Native is popular because it lets you build fast and easily, without having to learn all the complexity of Android or iOS development.
With React Native, you can build mobile apps that look and feel like the native apps on your device. Our React Native training in Ludhiana will help you learn everything you need to know about this powerful platform. We will teach you how to build fast and efficient apps, so you can start building your dream app right away!

Here’s what you will learn from our coaching!

In our React Native training in Ludhiana, you will learn how to use React Native to create user interfaces, To create new and innovative native applications for mobile,The fundamentals of React Native, create apps for both iOS and Android, create smaller reusable components from complex components, create authentication for apps, and handle data.
After completing our training, you will be able to develop powerful mobile apps using React Native. We guarantee that you will have a better understanding of this cutting-edge technology and be better prepared for your next job search.

Is this React Native certification right for you?

The React Native certification from Up2Mark Technologies offers a complete introduction to React Native development.The course include real-world applications and hands-on labs.The Up2Mark Technologies React Native certification offers a complete introduction to React Native development for both Android and iOS platforms.
We provide both Free/Paid training of React Native course.You would be able to find a good job after completing the course. The skills that you learn during the course are in high demand in the current market.
Students are expected to have a basic understanding of JavaScript.
Who are your mentors?
Some of the most experienced React Native developers of Up2Mark Technologies can offer you their guidance and help you improve your skills. They will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you, and they may even be able to help you find a job in the React Native world.
We offer Certificates of Completion Training and Job Experience.

Course Content and Syllabus for React Native Syllabus

Creating React Environment
  • Installing Dependencies for the Development
  • Creating First App
  • Running App in the Simulator
  • Running App on Both Android and iOS Device
Simple React Natve App Creation
  • Adding Styles to the Elements
  • Toggle Buttons
  • List Items
  • Flexbox to create a Layout
  • Navigation setup
User Interface Implementation
  • Developing Reusable button
  • Creating Design for the Tablet and iPad
  • Including Custom Fonts and Icons
  • Orientation Change Detection
  • Webview to embed external websites
  • Creating a Form Component
Advanced User Interface Implementation
  • Implementing Google Map into the App
  • Audio Player and Image Carousel
  • Creating Push Notification to the App
  • Browser Based Authentication
Simple Animation Implementation
  • Simple Animation
  • Multiple Animation
  • Animated Notification
  • Container Collapse and Extend
  • Loading Animation
Advanced Animation Implementation
  • Advanced Animation Project 1
  • Advanced Animation Project 2
  • Advanced Animation Project 2
Data and Application Logic
  • Storing Data in Local
  • Retrieving and Sending Data from API
  • WebSockets for the communication
  • Persistent Database Functionality
  • Network Connection Lost Masking
Redux, Appwork Flow and Others
  • Redux Overview
  • Working with Redux
  • Choosing App Workflow
  • NativeBase for the Cross Platform UI
  • Styling UI component
Bringing Native Functionality
  • Rendering Custom iOS Component
  • Rendering Custom Android Component
  • Application State Change Reaction
  • Push Notification Setup
  • Playing Audio File in IOS and Android
Deploying The Apps
  • Production, Testing and Build
  • Deploying App on Apple App Store
  • Deploying App on Google Play Store