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Social Media Activities Of Hotels/ Restaurants For Attracting Clients

Social Media activities of Hotels/ Restaurants for attracting clients

Social media is now becoming an important platform in the field of Digital marketing as it is very efficient in attracting an audience as most of the people are using these platforms. Social media is gaining popularity among hotel owners as one of the important platforms to market their facilities and establish a relationship with customers. Social media have become one of the most important tools for restaurant/hotel owners for promoting their hotels and engaging with guests and potential customers. However, not much attention is given to understanding how hotels are utilizing many social media platforms to engage with their customers. This study aims to understand the implementation, challenges, and techniques used by hotels/restaurants to attract customers using social media platforms.
Social media plays a key role in expanding your business online. And mixing social media with your hotel can get more customers in your door. Nowadays, social media platforms are becoming increasingly crowded, people trust these social media sites more than they trust people, sounds a little funny but that’s the reality. People have the habit of confirming everything they are going to do on the internet. So social media can be used as a very good opportunity for attracting clients.

Things that hotels and restaurant to attract their customers are:-

  • They try to focus on the best things or dishes of their hotel that they can provide. People get very fascinated by listening to special dishes.
  • They make their own google site to describe their restaurant as people always check the ratings and reviews of the hotel before visiting them.
  • They always try to merge small businesses with them to expand their business. By doing so they can get to interact with more people.
  • Every social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, etc contains food pages that are itself created by the hotel owners to attract more and more audiences.
  • They try to contract food bloggers that are much recognized on the social media platform like Instagram so that they can promote the pictures of their hotel and try to give more information to their fans.
  • The main goal of these hotels and restaurants to recognize their hotels on the food app like Zomato and Swiggy. They initially provide customers with many discounts to easily get in the eyes of the customer so that they can place an order from their restaurant.
  • Youtube is trending a lot these days. It’s the only platform where people can easily showcase their talent. People also share cooking videos and publicize their hotels so that the viewers can share it among their friends.
  • Studies had shown that the major reason behind a lot of people coming to their hotels is that they try to maintain direct contact with their customers. This helps to maintain the trust between parties.
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